Lacoste Arena

Lacoste Arena

On May 20 Lacoste will open the doors of its new flagship store located at the heart of the emblematic Avenue des Champs-Élysées. More fashion. More sports. More experiences. The brand is embodying its avant-garde vision of sports fashion by opening Lacoste Arena, a unique venue designed to symbolize the beating heart of all the Lacoste cultures.


Located at 50 Avenue des Champs-Elysées, Lacoste Arena is the first next-generation Lacoste flagship worldwide. The address will bring together all the brand’s fans – fashion lovers, athletes, as well as responsible, creative consumers. An arena to explore, where the personalities and styles of each and every one will find an individual or collective resonance.




With obvious references to sports and shared emotions, the Lacoste Arena is a meeting place punctuated by unique experiences that combine entertainment and digital innovations. A 360° experience that symbolizes the whole raison d’être of the Crocodile. Between immersion in the brand’s universe and its inclusivity, bespoke moments contribute to making this flagship a unique place. Among these signature moments is the Croco Wall, an interactive work of art complete with a photobooth, enabling friends of the brand to appear in the installation – symbolizing the diversity of the Crocodile.


With its 1600 m2, Lacoste Arena is dedicated to all the cultures of the Crocodile, like a blank canvas for all its territories of expression. 9,500 items are presented, through an extensive footwear area, golf, tennis, and fitness performance collections, as well as women’s, men’s and children’s ready-to-wear. The store also offers customization services to personalize the Crocodile’s essentials with special colors, initials, and cuts.


“We are proud to open Lacoste Arena, our new flagship, at the heart of the Champs-Élysées. More than a store, it will be the beating heart of the brand and aims to completely renew the Lacoste customer experience thanks to numerous technological innovations, combining interactive and immersive experiences. This opening is a strong signal for the influence of the Crocodile in France and around the world, as the flagship will be a rallying point at the crossroads of cultures, generations and styles, and will allow us to share Lacoste’s emotions and expertise with our customers.” Thierry Guibert, CEO of Lacoste




Actively committed to a more sustainable fashion, the Crocodile has designed a space for Lacoste Arena dedicated to Durable Elegance, its sustainable development approach. The LOOP polo shirt, made from recycled fibers of old polo shirts, the original L.12.12 polo shirt with an even better durability or the “Fleur de Coton” polo shirt, a reissue from 1991, made from 100% untreated organic cotton – the expression of cotton in its purest and most respectful form – are highlighted here. This space will be regularly refreshed to share the brand’s progression in sustainable development.


Throughout the flagship, other initiatives demonstrate the brand’s commitment to more responsible fashion, including a knitted mural, combining a sustainable and artistic approach; recycled hangers developed from small, quilted cotton scraps; shopping bags created from old polo shirts that will be given to customers returning old textile products of the brand.




The signature of the space, this will be an exclusive capsule collection titled “Lacoste Champs-Élysées”, presented in a subway station décor, and will debut polo shirts, sweatshirts, caps and tote bags that will only be distributed at this specific site. A way for visitors to remember a space and a city out of the ordinary.




Proof of its inclusiveness and connecting cultures, Lacoste Arena announces a guest room that will welcome different guests, artists or young creators. To inaugurate this space, the Gaumont cinema will support the guest room to honor the history of film within this building – the mythical Gaumont Ambassade cinema once occupied the premises.


Lacoste Arena

Opening 20 May 2022

50 avenue des Champs-Élysées, 75008 Paris